Nursery Terms and Conditions


To enable us to provide the highest standards of care for your child we need parents to please follow the terms below, which we may occasionally need to revise without prior notice.

Place Enquiry

For us to offer a place for your child, your Booking Form should be completed and returned to the Manager.  We can then tell you when a place is likely to be available to meet your particular needs.  When a place does become available, you can book it in advance by sending a deposit.

Place Booking

To book and reserve your child’s place you pay a deposit of £100, refunded when your child leaves after all fees are paid (see details in ‘Leaving’). If you don’t take up your place, or don’t start within one month of the start date you booked, your deposit is kept to cover some vacant place costs.

Changes to your Booked Place

Requests to make any changes in your sessions must be received at least 6 weeks in advance, to allow us time to meet your needs where possible. However, if there happen to be any sessions left vacant, these are available for booking at any time on a first-come-first-served basis.


Payment of fees has to be by monthly Direct Debit, for payment on the first day of the month’s sessions.  Your weekly fees are multiplied by 52 and divided by 12 which gives equal payments each month for your convenience.  We review fees annually when our costs rise.  We make a charge for late collection from a booked session or for late payment of fees. Fees are payable on bank holiday days as we still need to pay staff wages on those days.  If your child is absent for any reason, we, unfortunately, cannot make a refund as we still have to meet the costs of staff’s wages.

Outstanding Fees

In the event of fees or payment payable to Earlyworld being outstanding for more than one week beyond the due payment date, we reserve the right to immediately exclude a child from the nursery at our discretion.  We then in all cases pursue payment through the County Court and charge interest at 5% of the total per month on any outstanding fees.


After your initial booking which is for a period of no less than 3 months, we need notice of your leaving date 6 weeks in advance, in writing. Your normal fees will need to be paid during your notice period, but after receiving these fees and after your last day we will refund your deposit to you. Your notice period gives enough time for another child to start when you leave, to pay our daily staffing and overhead costs for that place.

Security of your child

For your child’s safety, under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the premises with anyone unknown to our staff, unless previously arranged by the parent or guardian using the necessary form.  If parents make prior arrangements by telephone, we will need the name, address and telephone number of the chosen guardian and proof of identity of that guardian upon arrival, for your child’s security.   If your telephone number or address at work or home changes, please let us know straight away so that we are always able to contact you.


We will provide a child’s information record for you to complete before your child starts.  This gives us names of additional contacts, medical information about allergies, dietary or special requirements.  We can give prescribed medicines if parents complete a Medicine Consent Form.

The Manager and Deputy are appointed to take charge of First Aid, which we will administer when necessary.  Most staff are First Aid trained.  We, of course, take every care to prevent accidents, but if even minor accidents happen parents will be informed and will be required to sign their child’s accident form which is kept in the nursery.  If illnesses or accidents ever require hospital treatment, all attempts will be made to contact parents but, failing this, the nursery may need to act on behalf of parents and authorise necessary medical treatment.

Parents are asked to inform the nursery of any change in information already given about their child and are requested not to send their child to nursery if they are suffering from any infectious diseases or if they are feeling too poorly to attend.  We are sympathetic to the difficulties for working parents, but for the health of all children reserve the right to ask you to collect your child in case of infectious illness during nursery hours.  For the good of all the children, parents must inform the nursery if their child contracts any infectious diseases such as Chicken Pox, Impetigo, Measles, Mumps, Scarlet Fever, Rubella, Whooping Cough, Conjunctivitis, Hand Foot and Mouth, or Sickness and Diarrhoea.


We promote positive behaviour, encourage good manners, self-control and consideration and respect for others and property.  We distract children from poor behaviour and redirect their attention to something different and positive, which normally works very well.  However, as a last resort, we have to reserve the right to exclude a child from nursery if their persistent poor behaviour affects the safety or well-being of other children.


Children play very enthusiastically, often becoming a little messy! Please provide hard-wearing washable clothing in which they can enjoy their nursery activities to the full.  Toddlers and older children need indoor slippers or shoes, outdoor footwear and a spare set of clothing in a canvas bag.  Sweatshirts and T-shirts are available from the nursery.  All clothing should be clearly labeled.  Outdoor play is encouraged in most weathers – please provide suitable clothing including coat and boots in wet or cold weather and sun-hats in the summer.  We cannot take responsibility for loss of, or damage to, your property or clothing.  Use of the car park is at car owners’ risk.


Earlyworld carries a comprehensive insurance policy, with full Public Liability cover (details displayed on our Reception Noticeboard).

Organised visits outside the Nursery

Occasionally, interesting local visits may be organised for older children. Parents will be informed in advance if visits are organised.  If you wish your child to attend, a form requesting consent will be issued.

Rev 04/01/13